Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Explore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore's scope and quality requirements.

(last update: April 27, 2024)


Preparing your submission

  1. The paper must be prepared in English with a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 8 pages  in the A4 standard IEEEXplore double-column format (including tables, figures, and references).
  2. Please download the paper templates for conference proceedings at lEEE templates page.
  3. Papers should not have page numbers, headers, or footers.
  4. Keep the author fields as they are. The authors' names are required for the final paper version. The complete author names must be inserted into EDAS system.
  5. The full paper must be submitted in PDF format to the ICITDA Submission System via EDAS Conference and Journal Management System.
  6. Link submission is at


Review process

  1. All paper submissions will be checked for originality. Due to IEEE policy, papers with high similarity scores may not be accepted by the conference.
  2. All submitted papers are subjected to a peer-review process by at least 3 reviewers.
  3. The decision of a paper acceptance is based on the average score and the comments given by the reviewers.
  4. The accepted papers must be revised according to the reviewers’ comments and suggestions, before inclusion in the conference proceedings.


Revising your paper

  1. Upon the review process being completed, you will be informed whether your paper is "Accepted", "Conditional-Accepted", or "Rejected".
  2. If your paper status is "Conditional-Accepted", it means a revision of your paper is needed.
  3. You will be given 10 days to revise your papers, and the program committee will evaluate your revised paper and inform you if more revisions are required. The deadline for paper revisions is until August 15, 2024.
  4. Please note that the revision is compulsory before preparing your camera-ready version. In addition, please take into consideration all the comments of the reviewers, otherwise, the final manuscript could be rejected.
  5. Re-upload your revised paper in pdf format to EDAS.
  6. If your revision process has been completed, your paper status will be updated to "Accepted".
  7. An accepted paper must be registered and presented at the conference by at least one of the authors, otherwise it will be excluded from distribution in the IEEE Explore Digital Library.


Preparing your camera-ready version

  1. All final manuscripts should be written in English and must be formatted according to standard
    IEEE 2-column format.
  2. The mandatory IEEE template in Microsoft Word and LaTeX format can be found at IEEE templates page.
  3. The authors' names and affiliations should be included in the paper.
  4. Address all reviewers' comments and revise your paper accordingly before submitting the final camera-ready version.
  5. Please make sure that all Figures and Tables are of high quality and their content is easily readable.
  6. Please make sure also that your paper contains no headers, no footers, and no page numbers.
  7. The final paper must be converted into PDF with settings compliant with the requirements of the IEEE Xplore digital library. For this purpose, the IEEE PDF eXpress web tool should be used. PDF files generated in a different way might not be IEEE Xplore-compliant and could be rejected.
  8. Creating an IEEE PDF eXpress account is explained in the following section.
  9. To include your accepted paper in both the conference proceedings volume and the IEEE xplore digital library, one of the authors must fill and sign the IEEE copyright transfer form and return it to IEEE. The IEEE copyright transfer form can be filled in online easily through EDAS. To do so, please follow the procedure explained below at the IEEE copyright transfer form submission section.
  10. Upload the PDF validated by the IEEE PDF eXpress via EDAS page of your paper before the deadline. The deadline for paper revisions is until August 30, 2024.


Creating your IEEE PDF eXpress account

Log in to the

First-time users should do the following:

  1. Select the Create account – Click Here for the link.
  2. Enter the following:
    1. -- conference ID -- (to be announced)
    2. your email address
    3. a password
  3. Continue to enter information as prompted.
  4. An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.

Previous users of PDF eXpress need to follow the above steps but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid.

Checking your source PDF file using PDF eXpress to generate your IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file.

When the source file has passed the PDF check, the author will receive an email with the approved file attached therein. The approved file is labeled within its document as being “Certified by IEEE PDF eXpress”, with an exact date and time stamp. You should submit this approved file, rather than the source file prepared by the author, to EDAS as your camera-ready paper.

Contacting PDF eXpress support

If there are questions, the author can access the PDF eXpress Knowledge Base Web site. If you do not find an answer in the Find Answers tab, go to the Ask A Question tab. Your question will be forwarded to IEEE PDF Support and answered within 3 business days.


IEEE copyright transfer form submission

  1. Login in EDAS.
  2. From the “Home” tab of your EDAS account, click on the title of your accepted paper.
  3. Check that the paper title and the authors' list are correct and correspond EXACTLY to those in the final camera-ready paper (NOTE: without the correct title and the complete list of authors with the right affiliations, the copyright transfer form is void and the paper cannot be included in the conference proceedings volume).
  4. In the EDAS table reporting the details of your paper (which is accessible by clicking on “My… ► My Papers ► ” in your EDAS account), look for the entry called “Copyright form” and then click on symbol “+”. You will be redirected to the IEEE website for electronic copyright form submission.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen and reply to all questions.
  6. At the end of this procedure, the online IEEE Copyright Transfer Form will be displayed. Please date and write your name at the bottom of the Copyright Transfer Form and finally submit it.
  7. The form will be recorded in EDAS. A copy will be sent to you by e-mail.